Finding Your Ring Size

It's very important to make sure you find the exact size ring for your finger. You want to make sure the ring is as comfortable as it can be. All of our rings are sized to the US standard. At the bottom of this page you will find a chart that shows the exact dimensions for US sizes. 

Don't Know your size already?

You can use our ring sizer to figure out your exact size. If you click on this link, it will take you right to the page to purchase one of our ring sizer. 

All you do is wrap it around your finger and close it like a zip tie. You can then adjust the size to see what is the most comfortable for your finger. We recommend double checking that you can slide the ring sizer off your finger comfortably without too much effort. 

Raw Earth Designs - Ring Sizer

Go To a Local Jeweler:

If you want to get your size faster, we recommend traveling to one of your local jewelry stores. Most places will do this service for free and will be the most accurate. You can sometimes even try on rings and see what size fits best.