Want to Order a Custom Ring?

All of our rings are created from Earth made material including Granite, Quartz, Onyx and many other materials found on our planet. If you want to have a custom ring made with a specific material. We can put together a custom quote for the material so that you can have exactly what you want.

We can also create different shapes, sizes and thickness of your custom ring. We will take the time to look at any request to see if its something that we can do. All of our rings are made using top of the line machinery to ensure precise measurements and tolerances. 

Want More Metal Options?

We also have the ability to make our ring liners out of almost any material. If you want something outside of our 6 standard metals which include Titanium, Satin Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Carbon Ceramic, and Damascus Steel we can do it. Some request can include Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and so on.

To discuss having a custom ring made please send an inquiry to service@rawearthdesigns.com. One of our Jewelry Makers will contact you to discuss further.